Mountain Goat Brewery - Melbourne, Australia

The Mountain Goat Brewery is a genuine medium scale working brewery in the inner Melbourne suburb of Richmond. An old warehouse on a side street is not the most romantic of venues, but once inside there is a fabulous atmosphere, a great view of the brewing equipment (it’s just roped off from the bar/dining area), fantastic smells of pizza cooking, and most importantly, a full range of the Mountain Goat beers on tap.

Opening Hours and Directions

It is open to the public every Wednesday from 5.00pm and brewery tours are run at 6.30pm. On Friday’s it’s also open at 5pm but no brewery tours operate. Try to get there early as it can be packed by 7pm. I had to wait outside for about 15 minutes as they were operating a one-in-one-out policy at that stage.

The Mountain Goat Brewery is located at 80 North St, Richmond, Melbourne It’s about equidistant between Bridge Road and Victoria Street (about 10 minutes from either) close to the Yarra River. From Melbourne city take either the 24 tram from Latrobe Street or the 109 from Collins St to get onto Victoria Street, or the 48 from Collins St, or the 75 from Flinders St for Bridge Road. On Bridge Road get off at stop 22, or stop 25 on Victoria Street. Either way, if you find yourself on a bridge crossing the Yarra River you have gone too far. Mountain Goat also pride themselves on being bike friendly, so it’s a great place to call into while cycling along the Yarra on a summer’s evening.

Beers on Offer

The full regular goat beers Hightail Ale and Steam Ale are available of on tap and generally there will be a couple of speciality brews in there as well. They also employ the use of Randy (Randall Handle) which infuses the beer with other flavours. Generally the Randy contains a specific type of hops but it has been known to be filled with fruit and even coffee.


Reasonable sized pizzas served on large wooden sharing boards. If you don’t like pizza then bad luck, although you will find it very difficult not to order a pizza with the delectable smells wafting through the brewery from the kitchen.


This place has a great vibe. You really get the sense that you are in a brewery where the staff has decided to stick around after the working week, relax and have a few beers. You will be right amongst the brewing equipment and the decor is very simple and warehouse like.

It attracts friendly and relaxed patrons, and being something more unique than a normal bar you will find that people are a little more social than in a normal bar as well. The staff are friendly and efficient, and most importantly, even when full you won’t find yourself queuing for ages to get a drink.

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Date visited : Friday 10 February 2012

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