Atomic Pale Ale

Let’s have a looks to see what Gage Road offer up in their Atomic Pale Ale. A style that is fast becoming a modern Aussie classic. Is it is good as what Little Creatures, just up the road is offering?

Picture of Atomic Pale Ale

The Taste 5.5/10

Only some very light floral hops on nose with some definitive maltiness coming through.

The malt is continued up front in the taste followed by slightly citrus Bitter but without any real character – some possible cinnamon spice on the aftertaste. The tastes all seem a little confused, and without any real strength of flavour, are very hard to differentiate. Gage Road a possibly trying to differentiate their pale ale from the large numbers in that style that are flooding the Australian market. Fairly light bodied with a reasonable amount of carbonation – more noticeable due to lack of flavours.

The Look 5/10

Atomic pours a rich amber but comes out quite transparent. The head is disappointingly thin and it disappears far too quickly.

A nice tall brown stubbie with a fairly basic logo with a classic 1950s atomic symbol....I’m not so sure about associating an ale with atomic energy.

The Mood

Not bad – but not good either. Something slightly different for a session. Take to a barbecue and add to the communal ice box. Good for warm weather or spicy food due to the lack of clear flavourings.

The Facts

Available now at Woolworths Liquor (Australia)

I managed to pick up a single bottle for $3.50. Expect to pay about $18 for a six pack.

ABV 4.7%

330 ml bottle

Click here for the webiste of Gage Road - the brewers of Atomic Pale Ale

Date reviewed 26 November 2011

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