The Craft Beer Revolution -
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The wonderful world of beer and ale is getting even better with a revolution of new and exciting brews coming out from small scale craft brewers.

Picture of Good AleA lot of us have spent much time and money on beer, and drinking it. Much of my previous drinking has included the same old tried and tested macro lagers. Things are changing for the better though, and I found out that there was so much to be enjoyed from trying the new, and the smaller craft breweries and microbreweries.

Currently a beer revolution is upon us with the world seemingly exploding with new ales, pilsners, bocks, and stouts that challenge our previous concepts on what to expect from beer.

Check out our Beer Reviews for opinions on some of some of my favourites.

I hope to provide you with an honest guide to the many new and exciting beers that are hitting the world market...Oh and remember it is beer and not wine. So don’t expect these reviews to be expressed in the same style as what you might see on the back label of a wine bottle. Beer is a fun drink and tasting it should be fun as well.

More and more choice leads to more and more confusion. So many different beers to try and so little time I hear you say? Do not fear – please see the beer dictionary for a complete guide to different styles and what to expect when taking that first sip of that style. The Beer Styles section includes a guide to different beer ingredients, terminology and brewing methods.

Also please take a look at our Beer of the Month section to see some of the top brews reviewed.

Do you want to get more out of beer for yourself? Find out how to taste beer to get the most out of it, and even write reviews of the beers you enjoy at our Beer Tasting Guide.

It is also important to know where to get these great beers, and there is no better place to go than a brew pub that brews its own beers. Or even better, you might be lucky enough to find a brewery that has its own working bar selling beers within feet of where they were brewed. Read more in our Brew Pubs and Open Breweries section.

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